Emerald Valley Wellness Clinic

300 N. Mill St., Suite A

Creswell, Oregon 97426

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Emerald Valley Wellness Clinic is a family practice and preventive medicine clinic offering outpatient and general medical services to the local community and consulting services by phone for preventive care.  Our patients find that our unique blend of traditional and natural medicine provides patients the opportunity to take charge of their own health, make lifestyle changes that improve their health and reduce their need for medical intervention and medications.

Many of the simple remedies shared in the Live-for-Health seminars are listed for your viewing.  Learn to live well and be well! 

Providing FAA Medical Exams:

  • Class 1, 2 & 3
  • Special Issuance exams

Richard A. Hansen, M.D., AME

To all comes the promise and the hope for a more ‘abundant life’.  But many are missing the vitality and joy of life because of poor health.  To restore the vigor of health, strength of heart, courage of mind and peace to the soul is the goal and purpose of  the Emerald Valley Wellness Clinic.

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