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Get Well at Home

by Richard A. Hansen, M.D.

 A home health manual of natural remedies with special features on heart disease, diabetes, and hydrotherapy and more. 490 Pages. Paperback.

Vegan Homestyle:

Simple Recipes for Healthy Living

by Kay Hansen

Foreward by Richard Hansen, M.D.

Everyone loves home cooking! The recipes in Vegan Homestyle bring together the taste of home cooking with all the healthy benefits of a plant-based diet. Simple ingredients, lots of menu ideas and nutritional analysis for each recipe. Foreword by Richard Hansen, M.D. with timely advice on nutrition and healthy living.

“Kay Hansen's cookbook is exactly what is needed. It includes recipes that will make you salivate. The rapidly growing number of people who are interested in changing their diet to a healthier version cannot go wrong with this book. You will use it continuously.”T. Colin Campbell, PhD (Author of The China Study) Jacob Gould Schurman  Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry Cornell University   

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