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Aviation Articles

Dr. Hansen has written many articles on Pilot Health and Aviation Safety.  Please peruse the articles below for timely health advice for better flying experience.  Best viewing will be in Microsoft Word.


Below is a link to the FAA's Medxpress website.  This website only works in Internet Explorer.

Aviation Medical Exams by Appointment.

We provide Aviation physicals for all classes of pilots: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and student pilots.  Before your aviation medical exam, the FAA requires pilots and student pilots to fill out their physical application form 8500-8 on the MedXpress website.  Pilots must make an account with a password, log in, complete and submit the 8500-8.  Please bring either a confirmation number or a printed copy of the completed form to your appointment.



From the first day of solo flight to the thrills and freedoms of complex and high performance

airplanes, aviation has held a special place in the heart of every pilot. 

Every 1 - 3 years the pilot medical examination reviews physical and mental health issues for re-certification of flight privileges.  Dr. Hansen is an FAA certified Senior AME and a pilot with a special interest and expertise in helping pilots regain their medical fitness for flying within FAA standards.
Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and many other chronic disorders can ground an experienced pilot.  But often by implementing nutritional and lifestyle changes these conditions can be controlled safely or even reversed, thus paving the way for Special Issuance of the ‘medical’ or ultimate lifting of restrictions.  Please call us to discuss your questions about Special Issuance.