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Vegan Homestyle
Simple Recipes For Health Living

by Kay Hansen
Foreword by Richard Hansen, M.D.

The cookbook from the Live-for-Health Wellness Program with more than 240 plant-food, natural, wholesome, tasty recipes.  People are saying that this cookbook makes healthy cooking so easy . . .

New Recipe
Tofu Feta



To all comes the promise and the hope for a more ‘abundant life’.  But many are missing the vitality and joy of life because of poor health.  To restore the vigor of health, strength of heart, courage of mind and peace to the soul is the purpose for which the Emerald Valley Wellness Center has been established.

Dr. Richard Hansen, medical director, is a caring Christian physician with more than 35 years of experience helping people find renewed health with a natural lifestyle.  He and the staff at Emerald Valley are here to serve you and help you achieve your goal of better health.

  • Emerald Valley Wellness Clinic is a family practice and preventive medicine clinic offering outpatient, general medical services to the local community and consulting services by phone for preventive care.  Our patients find that our unique blend of traditional and natural medicine provides patients the opportunity to take charge of their own health, make lifestyle changes that improve their health and reduce their need for medical intervention and medications.


  • Aviation: Emerald Valley Wellness Center is a health center for pilots.  We help pilots improve their health in order to regain their FAA pilot medical certification, and provide Aviation Medical Examiner services to many local pilots.  Lost your medical due to heart disease or diabetes?  We'd like to help you!
  • Live-for-Health:  Note:  We now offer only 1 - 3 day seminars.  Please feel free to contact us regarding seminars for your organization.   The Live-for-Health Wellness Seminar teaches how a natural diet and lifestyle can help to restore and maintain health.  These health principles can help reverse manyof today's degencerative and chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue, many forms of cancer, arthritis and many other conditions.  Take a moment to review the many testimonies of people who have seen dramatic changes in their health with lifestyle medicine. 


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